Saturday, May 27, 2017

More unsolicited advice for Detroit Automakers

1.  Stick with building real cars powered by gasoline engines.  They have decent range, and you can refill the gas tank in a few minutes.  Nobody wants to cool their heels on a trip for a couple of hours waiting for batteries to recharge.   Hybrids simply cost $10k more than real cars and don't offer much in the way of better fuel economy.

2.  I personally would never buy a self driving car.  As a matter of fact I would not ride in one either.  When I am zipping thru traffic, I want my hands on the wheel, not some microprocessor.  A little R&D, to stay up to speed on the technology is one thing, betting the company on a self driving car model is foolishness.

3.   Offer a thermometer in the car.  On cold dark nights, you want to know if that black slickness up ahead is ice, or just a puddle.  Is it above or below freezing out side?  Could be a matter of life or death.  And make sure the thermometer reads right when it gets wet by rain or road spray.  

Friday, May 26, 2017

We need to stop the leaks.

CIA has been leaking like a sieve for twenty years or more.  I remember when CIA leaked to the NY Times that we had been tapping Bin Laden's satellite phone.  Well, Bin Laden reads the NY Times too, and he promptly dumped the sat phone and conducted business by courier until we caught up with him in Islambad Pakistan some 10-15 years later.   That leak by the ever patriotic NY Times probably gave Bin Laden an extra 10 years of life.  Way to go.
   Then CIA attempted to destabilize the Bush Administration with the leaks that started the Valerie Plame affair, which consumed the MSM for years back in the early ugh-ohs.. 
   Was I a foreign intelligence person, I would not share squat with the Americans because the Americans leak everything to the papers. 
   Maybe Trump can tighten things up.  Bringing charges of mishandling classified data, like they did to David Petraeous might help. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Must be bad if the FISA court whines about it.

FISA court was set up to "oversee" the intelligence agencies snooping, wiretapping, email intercepting, and credit card record requests.  It's secret, so secret that we don't know their decisions, their judge[s], or their rules.  Over the years FISA has acted as a rubber stamp on the intelligence agencies requests to snoop on everybody.  99% of requests to snoop get approved. 
   Now we have NSA lawyers admitting to the FISA court that NSA has not complied with some secret rules about searching the national secret database of every phone call made in the country.  It must have been pretty bad because the normally doormat FISA court expressed unhappiness about it.  They didn't have the stones to hold anyone in contempt of court, or denounce them by name, all they did was whine about it.  But for a rubber stamp court,  expressing unhappiness with an intelligence service is VERY unusual.  Must have been something really bad.  

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We need to get tougher on the terrorist[s] we take alive

The Boston Bombers struck four years ago.  The younger Tsarnaev brother was taken alive.  The lawyers spent two years, billing hours to the taxpayer, before convicting him in federal court.  At least the judge had the stones to give him the death penalty.  Another two years has gone by, and Tsarnaev has yet to be executed.  I doubt that he ever will be. 
   We need to make sure our laws define acts of terrorism in which people get killed, as a capital crime eligible for the death penalty.  We need to work hard on taking the terrorist[s] alive.  Don't allow them to commit suicide by cop.  We need to get them on trial within half a year, and we need a verdict and a sentence within another half a year.  And we need to execute the death penalty promptly, within three months of sentencing. 
   Let's hope the Brits catch a terrorist or two alive after the Manchester atrocity. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Caution-Capable of firing with magazine removed

That's engraved on the slide of the new Smith & Wesson automatic pistol that graces the cover of American Rifleman.  No kidding.  We knew that like forever.  You always open the chamber and make sure it is empty.  I learned that when I was 12 years old at summer camp.  And that was a long time ago.  Back when summer camps taught riflery.
    The safety Nazi's at work.  

Tax cuts are always "for the rich"

Ask any Democrat.   Every single tax cut is always derided as "tax cut for the rich". 
Of course it depends upon what you call rich.  We have so many special deals and deductions and rate cuts and earned income credits in the tax code, that half the population owes NO federal income tax.  Needless to say, if you ain't paying taxes now, a tax cut ain't gonna help ya. 
   So any tax cut is only going to help the half the population that actually pays taxes.  Which is the upper income half of the population.  I guess, Democrats can call the upper income half of the population "Rich".  In fact they do.  I know a lot of people who are employed and making enough money to pay federal income tax, but they aren't rich.  They are just getting by, just barely.  They need a tax cut. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Trump ought to stop that White House leak

Trump has a leaker in the White House.  He leaked the "gave classified info to the Russians" story to the papers.  Trump needs to find him, fire him, and revoke his security clearance.  For that matter he still has a bunch of Obama political appointees still working thru out the government.  Those guys detest Trump and are looking for ways to do him harm.  Trump ought to lay off the lot, ASAP.   Most of 'em will never be missed, it's the senior career GS types that actually make things happen, the upper level political appointees are  there merely to attempt to give the executive some kind of handle on the bureaucracy.  Obama appointees aren't going to do Trump any good.