Saturday, August 13, 2022

The big Tent Sale, Littleton NH.

Word got around.  The tent was supposed to open at 9 AM this Saturday.  I got there a few minutes after nine.  The place was already packed with people who got there before nine.  The stuff was mostly house wares, rugs, books, sports equipment like ice skates and golf clubs.  I didn’t see any tools.   There was a nice brass set of fireplace tools.  I have a fireplace.  I though long and hard about buying them.  On the down side, my hearth is small and mostly full of firewood.  The nice brass tools would probably get knocked off the hearth, onto the living room rug.  On the other hand they would look cool.  I sat in a chair to rest my feet and contemplate the fire tools.  After some agonizing I decided not to buy them.  I did get away with a Donald Hamilton paperback,  a Wallace and Grommit VHS tape, a couple of whisky drinking glasses, and two nice woven scrap baskets that will replace my existing ones which are 60 years old and falling to pieces.  Much nicer than the extruded plastic scrap baskets down at Wally Mart.  After an hour the crowd thinned out.  Word to the wise, if you want to get anything nice as a yard sale, best to get there early.


Friday, August 12, 2022

Wall St Journal reports Chinese students in US colleges down 50%

 This is too bad.  American college is fun to do, girls, parties, sports, dorm bull sessions, and more.  Any Chinese exchange student will leave for home with a nice warm feeling about America after doing four years of college here.  And, it is a good bet that any Chinese who can swing an American college deal will in later life become an important official in China.  Which has gotta be a good thing for us.  Plus the Chinese students bring money; say $100,000 for a four year college. 

Thursday, August 11, 2022

I will pay a bit more for a product marked "Made in USA"

 Used to be, nearly every thing in stores was marked "Made in USA".  Not any more.  Take a walk thru Walmart and everything is marked "Made in China" or unmarked which I figure means the same thing. Japan and Korea are selling as many cars as Detroit.  Me, I still drive a Made in USA Buick and would buy Made in USA product even if it cost a bit more.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Either I'm getting faster or the flies are getting slower

 I managed to hand swat about a dozen of 'em today.  You know the drill, you move your hand very slowly towards the fly and when within maybe 1-2 inches, you swat.  That close and the fly isn't fast enough to avoid your hand.  I usually don't do that well, but today was good for me, bad for flies.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Books I read as a child.

The Battle of Britain.  By Quentin Reynolds.  Copyright 1953.   I encountered a good looking copy in the giant book box down at the town dump.  A freebie.  I recognized it and grabbed it.  It still reads well.  The author was an American war correspondent in Britain in 1940, the year of the battle of Britain.  In 1953 he writes of his meeting with British sailors, and the captain, of a smallest steamer in a coastal convey going up the English Channel.  Fending off German attacks by aircraft and E-boats and shelling from Pas de Calais livens things up.  In later chapters he writes about RAF fighter pilots, air raid wardens, RAF bomber crews, ordinary British civilian who have to sleep on subway platforms because of the bombing, firemen, and more.  Since he was there at the time, Quentin qualifies as a primary source and writing while the memories ought to be still fresh. You finish the book with a strong feeling the British were imperturbable, kept a stiff upper lip, and were ready to fight to the death.   Just the right sort of stuff to make any American want to support Britain.   

They raid a former president’s home, they can raid my home.

   Raiding someone’s home is extremely rude.  It can also be very dangerous.  To pull this on a well liked former president means they can try it on me, or anybody.  Especially if one of those 87,000 new tax collectors decides that my federal income tax has a problem.  I do my federal tax with Turbo Tax, which is pretty effective.  If Turbo Tax likes my 1040, I print it out sign it and mail it. If the new tax collectors get the FBI to bust down my door at 0’dark thirty, to confiscate anything, I will shoot them.  30-30 will go thru body armor.  I will keep shooting until they stop moving.  Then I will reload and make sure they are all dead.  Anybody busting into my house at night is a dangerous killer.

   That ought to make the papers.

Monday, August 8, 2022

FBI raids Donald Trump’s home at Mar-el-Largo.

 This is the FBI tilting the election to the democrats, something totally illegal.  The FBI is acting like the Gestapo or the KGB, not the law enforcement agency of a democracy.  We should disband the FBI, lay off all their personnel, sell their property (cars, aircraft, furniture, computers, what ever) burn their files, and sell their buildings.  State and local law enforcement can keep order in the streets.