Monday, August 3, 2009

Too big to pass.

Powerline suggests that any bill too big for Congress people to read is too big to pass. How true. The 1000 page Obamacare bill has all sorts of truly scary provisions hidden in the darker corners. Like the government can take money right out of your bank account, without your consent, to pay medical bills. Those big 1000 page bills tranfer authority to bureaucrats, lawyers and courts to do pretty much what they please. Give me a 1000 page law, and I can find language in to somewhere to support anything at all. No limit.
Needed reform. Plan A. No federal law shall contain more words that the Constitution of the United States. Plan B. All bills much be read aloud on the floor of House and Senate before a vote. A quorum must be present for the reading.
Either plan would slim bills down to understandable length.

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