Sunday, March 7, 2010

I am not "addicted" to oil.

And it irritates me every time NHPR accuses me of "addiction". I just buy enough gasoline to drive to work, and enough furnace oil to keep the pipes from freezing. This is not "addiction", its frugal purchasing of essential fuel. Trading my $9K used Detroit car for a $35K Prius is beyond my means. Plus the Detroit iron gets 27 mpg highway. My house is heavily insulated, I keep the heat way down, I have a lot of solar gain from south facing Anderson windows. There ain't much more fuel economy to be squeezed out of either the car or the house.
I'm tired of having my modest fuel use described as "addiction". Let's explore for more oil and gas so my children won't have to freeze in the dark.


Don Antonio Inteligente said...

Well, I think the movement to use less oil is aimed at people who use oil in excess. For example, someone driving a Hummer H2 and owning a 10,000 square foot mansion can easily reduce his/her oil consumption. The movement is also aimed at the younger generation, hoping to lead them to make better choices in cars and home buying. Small is big these days.

Dstarr said...

Hummers and 10,000 sq ft houses are not the problem. Too few people have that kind of money. Most fuel is purchased by average joes who drive a beater to work and heat a 2 bedroom house.