Sunday, February 13, 2011

Republican Dark Horse

The Pemi Baker Republican committee invited Herman Cain to speak at the annual Lincoln Reagan dinner last night. Good move. Mr. Cain is one helova good public speaker. He brought the house down , repeatedly. There was a standing ovation at the close of his remarks. He's the best and most moving speaker I have heard since Martin Luther King. Fifty years ago I attended a King rally and came away deeply impressed. Mr. Cain is the first speaker I've listened to since then who makes the same sort of impression. He connected with the rural, white, middle class audience in an obscure small town way up in the north woods.
Mr. Cain has an impressive resume, mathematician working for the Navy Dept, serious executive experience with the likes of Burger King, hosted his own talk radio show. He has zero political experience, this is his first run for public office of any sort. His trip up here is clearly an advance mission for a NH primary campaign. I wish him well.
And, you ought to go hear this man speak.


SWCraven said...

I had the honor of being at the dinner and hearing Herman Cain. What an inspirational man. His love of country shone forth, his words straight from the heart. I pray this gentleman of the people makes it straight to the White House.

Dstarr said...

Did you see the coverage of the Pemi Baker dinner on Granite Grok? They were suitable impressed.