Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rick Perry

So I emailed an old college buddy who has been living in Texas for better than 20 years. What do you think of Rick Perry I asked.
The answer came back "Not much".
The friend pointed out that Texas's economic success during Perry's governorship is mostly due to vast deposits of oil and gas in Texas, rather than any particular cleverness on Perry's part.
The Texas housing market is in trouble due to crazy mortgage lending. The cost of home owner's insurance is thru the roof.
The state budget is out of balance and they have been cutting school funding despite a massive untapped rainy day fund.
There was a case called "Willingham" in which a probably innocent man has been convicted of arson and executed. Perry fired the review board.
"Perry looks good, has good hair, but a whiny wife."
He is close to the religious right, he is OK with creationism.

I've known this guy for 50 years. He is pretty level headed and an astute observer. With a recommendation like this, I don't think a wanta go with Perry.
His final comment was, "Republicans can do better."


Evan said...

Have you looked into Buddy Roemer? He's probably the best candidate for the Republicans except he doesn't have nearly the war chest of the others.

I'd strongly consider voting for him as I just want someone who isn't in the pockets of lobbyists.

Dstarr said...

I've heard the name, but that's about all. He isn't active enough in NH to be sending me email. Other than that I don't know a thing about him.

Evan said...

He was in NH two weeks ago campaigning. He's finally starting to get the regular media to follow him. Part of his name recognition problem is that the RNC doesn't seem interested in promoting him.

For fun watch the youtube video of Rick Perry drunk/high/who knows talk. For more fun in the debate the other night he couldn't even name pretty important parts of the Federal government.