Thursday, January 19, 2012

Maybe we can get union guys to vote Republican?

Obama put the kibosh on the Keystone XL pipe line yesterday. This was a privately financed shovel ready big project that would employ thousands of dues paying union members, give us oil from a friendly neighboring country, and keep the price of my furnace oil down.
Obama claims he needed more time to "evaluate" the project. The paper work has been in for two years already. Then he claimed that a piece of Nebraska prairie was "ecologically sensitive". This bit of prairie already has 25,000 miles of pipe buried in it, but for Obama a few more miles was unthinkable. Pipelines are the cleanest, safest, most accident free way of bringing in the oil that fuels the country. Without the pipeline, the same oil comes in by tanker, and tanker accidents are really messy. There has never been a pipeline accident as bad as Exxon Valdez.
In a way, this might help elect a Republican president. Union guys have been known to vote Republican now and then. Where as the lefty greenies who want to stop the pipeline would cut off their fingers before pulling the voting machine lever for anything but Democrats.

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