Friday, November 9, 2012

Demographics vs Republicans

The Wall St Journal ran some interesting numbers about the election yesterday.  Percentage of population for various politically interesting groups and the percent of Romney votes in each group.  Many of the groups have overlap, such as college graduates and women.  About half of all college graduates are women and so there is lot of overlap.  And we are missing some groups like blacks,Jews, and  veterans. 
But notice that the big groups like woman and whites contribute a lot more votes than the little groups like Hispanics, who have been getting a lot of attention from the chattering classes. If Romney had attracted 10% more women's votes like Obama did, he would be president today.
   Republicans are gonna do something to try and win next time.  They oughta do something to get more women to vote for them.  That's the way numbers point.  

Group Group Size Voted Romney Total Romney Vote

Whites 72% 61% 43.9%
Women 53% 45% 23.9%
College Grad 48% 50% 24.0%
Mid Income 32% 54% 17.3%
Independents 28% 55% 15.4%
The Young 19% 40% 7.6%
Union Homes 18% 42% 7.6%
Hispanics 10% 29% 2.9%

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