Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whither Ferguson?

Michael Brown is dead, shot by a town police officer.  Micheal's family and friends want that police officer indicted, tried, and sent to jail.  They are convinced Micheal's death was murder and they want blood.  Can't say as I blame them. No way are these people gonna change their minds, now.   They won't go away until the shooter is in jail.  I expect the town police force and the town establishment wants "justice" i.e. let him off unless some really strong evidence of murder turns up.  From what evidence I have seen on TV, the cop could plead self defense and be let off.  In that case he would probably want to leave town and move far far away. 
   Ferguson seems to lack a mayor.  At least, if they have one, I haven't seen him on the TV news.  A mayor should be out front, urging calm,  trying to explain the tragedy, offering comfort to the bereaved family.  Apparently they don't have a mayor in Ferguson. 
   The shooter, Darren Something-or-other hasn't appeared on TV either.  No statement, no expressions of regret,  and I assume he has left town and gone into hiding.  I can guess what the shooter will testify when they get him to a hearing.  I would like to hear about why he fired six shots.  You would think a single shot would get the message across.  How many rounds did his gun hold?  Six? 
   I expect the next town election in Ferguson (November?) to happen while the Micheal Brown case is still hot.  If the population of the town is 60-70% black, as suggested by the TV news, then there might be a power shift in town government.  Of course the Ferguson black community needs some candidates, and they need to get out the vote.  If they have some local black leaders I haven't seen them on TV yet. 

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