Wednesday, December 16, 2015

TV Debate Watch Party

We had one for the 15 December Republican debate.  It was sorta fun, watching politicians bad mouth each other is entertaining.  I don't think the debate changed many voters minds.  The Donald was there, of course, but he didn't make any new news generating things.  Everybody ragged on The Donald over his "ban all Muslim immigration idea".  Lotta talk about "boots on the ground", but no talk about what said boots were supposed to achieve on said ground.  Nobody talked about invading and occupying the ISIS lands, rounding up the ISIS people living there, punishing them, and establishing a just and stable government in the area.  Nobody advanced plans to get the US economy growing again. 
   The net result, the majority of Republicans who don't want the The Donald, 'cause we think he would loose big time, are still faced with nearly a dozen competitors, and we didn't hear anything last night that would help us settle on one. There are plenty of votes to defeat Trump, but those votes are scattered over all the other candidates giving none of them enough votes to beat anyone, not Trump, not even Rand Paul. 

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