Sunday, March 20, 2016

Where is Tom Clancy (and Jack Ryan) when we need them?

Say what you will about Tom Clancy's books, they were good action adventure, where the Americans are the good guys, and American ingenuity, courage, and advanced technology win the day in the end.  Clancy's hero, Jack Ryan, starting as a CIA operative in Hunt for Red October, works his way up to President of the US by the final stories.  Compared to the current flock of presidential wannabees, Jack Ryan looks pretty good, well read, well educated, brave, intelligent, a good shot, able to lead a team of top flight people, and able to take advice. In contrast to today's crop. 
   In Clancy's literary universe, America is a special country, faced with numerous low life overseas enemies.  And America manages to come out on top of them in every story.  Good fun reads.  Back in his heighday, Tom Clancy was selling more hardbacks than every other author, all put together.  Makes you feel good about being an American.  Too bad Clancy died a little while ago. 

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