Friday, April 22, 2016

I'm voting Republican, even if it's Trump

First of all, you gotta vote for one of 'em.  I'll grant that Hillary and The Donald aren't anyone's idea of a dream team.  But, one is better than the other.  It's a citizen's duty to pick the better of the two and vote for him.  Staying home is for wimps.
   It looks like we will be faced with Hillary vs The Donald this time.  This isn't cast in concrete, yet. There is a chance Trump won't have the votes for a first ballot win, and the convention goes for someone else, Cruz, on later ballots.  But don't bet on it.
   So,  do you vote Republican, or vote for Hillary?
   Hillary is untrustworthy.  Weird things keep happening around Hillary, going way back.  There was Vince Foster, old Rose Law Firm friend and White House something-or-other, found dead in a Washington DC park one night.  They said it was suicide, but it sure is suspicious.  There was "Travelgate" when Hillary got upset with the employees at the White House travel office.  The employees got fired and replaced with people of Hillary's choosing.  There was Whitewater, an Arkansas real estate deal that the Clintons participated in.  They even got a special prosecutor onto that one, years of "investigation" let the Clinton's off, even though a fair number of other Whitewater participants went to jail.
   Then there was the Monica affair.  Hillary should have divorced Slick Willy over that one.  She didn't, God knows how the Clinton marriage has been doing since then, but it cannot be warm and loving. 
   Then there was Benghazi where four American diplomats were killed by Islamic terrorists.  Clinton, (and Obama) refused to sent rescue missions.  In fact they fired two US general officers that very night for declaring that they would lead rescuers to Benghazi.  Hillary basically wrote off the Americans serving in Benghazi.
   Then there was Hillary's tour as secretary of state.  She has the reverse Midas Touch. Everything she touched turned into disaster. Syria, Libya, Iraq, North Korea, South China Sea, Ukraine, and some more I have forgotten.  Add in the private email server by which she hoped to keep all her emails private, forever.
   And Hillary wants to take our guns away, leaving us at the mercy of whatever criminal or terrorist might happen by.
   Set this against The Donald.  The Donald is politically incorrect, vulgar, inexperienced, and unwilling to take advice from anyone (my way or the highway is The Donald's style).  I'd druther have that than Hillary.  At least The Donald is loyal to the United States of America.

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