Thursday, August 23, 2018

Things I don't understand about Manafort and Cohen Cases

I understand Manafort made substantial money (like $millions) overseas, advising or fixing or something for the Ukrainians.  He put the money in an overseas bank.  The government claims this is tax evasion.  Just what law requires US citizens to report income from overseas sources, left overseas, to the IRS? And how soon must the report be made?   None of the TV newsies addressed this issue.
   And, just what were those 10 counts the Manafort jury deadlocked on?  Was the prosecution railroading Manafort with a bunch of trumped up charges?  Ham sandwich nation?   As Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) said, "Under current US law I could indict a ham sandwich."
    On the Cohen case, I don't understand how paying hush money to bimbos is a campaign finance violation. Campaign finance laws concern money given to politicians as campaign contributions.  Giving money to bimbos to keep them quiet is not the same thing.  It's distasteful, and reflects badly upon the payer, but I cannot see how it is a campaign finance violation.
   What is clear, is that if the Democrats take control of the House in November, they will proceed to impeach the President, starting in January 2019.  Which will make all the newsies turn pink and glow in the dark from pure happiness.  And figure impeachment will go on and on and on, at least a year, probably two.  The newsies will report on nothing else.  And the Congress will be unable to pass anything for a year or two.  In short, it impeachment will stall the federal government for the next couple of years, like Watergate did. 
   Voters who want to keep the feds moving need to vote Republican, in large numbers.  Trump has got the country moving and moving in a good direction.  Like lower unemployment, more GNP growth, lower taxes, rising stock market, less red tape.  Taking a two year timeout for impeachment will bring all that movement to a screeching halt. 

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DCE said...

I have to wonder why Mueller and the Left are pushing so hard? Do they believe that if they don't take down Trump now that they'll lose any chance to seizing power again any time soon?