Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Orientation Day for new NH legislators.

First day on the job as NH senator. Tuesday was on-the-job training day at the Statehouse. Due to winter storm warnings, snowmageddon stories and general excitement on the TV I left for Concord half and hour earlier than I usually do. I swept about 2 inches of snow off the car. I93 was nice and clear, well plowed. Just a few slippery spots. All the flashing light signs were flashing "Slow Down" and "Speed limit 45". Traffic was moving at 70 all the way to Concord. Heaviest snow, maybe 6 inches, was south around Franklin and Tilton.  Heavy wet snow, it was bending the trees in U shapes with the treetops touching the ground.  I got to the Statehouse a half an hour early, Joe Burke, chief of security, was standing outside in the rain to wave me into a parking spot in the statehouse garage, real luxury.
The program for the day was lectures on legislative process, ethics over view, a walking tour of the statehouse, pitches by the council of state governments, and then the national conference of state legislatures, a nice lunch, how a committee works, media relationships.
I finished off the day by meeting with a guy from the NH homebuilders association in the restaurant across the street.
Drove home, got their after dark. Driveway unplowed, although one of Ken King's people came by this morning and shoveled out the car.

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