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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We don't oppose it 'cause it's malarkey

Instead we oppose it 'cause it is vaguely associated with religion.  An Arizona high school was teaching from materials supplied by United Scholastic.  United Scholastic is associated in some way with the Church of Scientology.  They didn't say just what the association was (ownership? historical? shared board of directors?).  And they went on at length complaining that using United Scholastics stuff was a violation of the first amendment (establishment of religion)
  They didn't say anything about whether the United Scholastics material was any good or not.  That apparently doesn't matter.
  L Ron Hubbard started writing science fiction back in the 1950's.  He was only middling good as a writer but he did get some stories published in Astounding Science Fiction (Later Analog Science Fiction) the premier SF mag.  His paperbacks stayed in print into the 1980's.  In the later 1950's he invented the "science" of Dianetics.  From there he went on to found the Church of Scientology, a cult which has been in and out of trouble with the law, here and overseas, for many many years.
   With that background, I would be intensely suspicious of anything associated with the Church of Scientology.  Because everything else L Ron Hubbard had a hand in was pure malarkey. 
   However our crusaders from NPR cannot be troubled with evaluating the worth of the United Scholastic material.  It's far more important to trash it for being "religion".