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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Women go for men driving black pickup trucks?

Just heard on Fox TV news.  They did not explain their research methods.  So you can believe as much of that as you like.
   What a comedown.  Back in the day, we guys really believed that chicks cared about what you drove.  American Graffitti pretty much covered this angle.  Cooliest cars were Ford, Chevy, or Pontiac, convertibles or "hardtops" (sedans with no center pillar between the side windows, giving the convertible look without the rag top).  Mag wheels, lotta chrome, lowered.  Pickup trucks were zero class.   Now Fox tells us that zero class has been promoted to first class?
   Later on in life, we began to think that girls were interested in you rather than in your wheels.  As long as said wheels were reasonably clean and looked like they wouldn't break down and strand them in the boonies, they didn't pay much attention to them. 
   So, tell us girls,  what's the real story?  Do a guy's wheels matter?