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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Senate Comprehensive Immigration Bill

The newsies have been going out of their way to avoid talking about what's in this bill.  They are mostly in favor of it, but they ain't telling us what's in it.  Here is my understanding of the contents.

1.  Those 11 million or so illegal immigrants inside the country all become "Registered Provisional Immigrants" right off the bat.  Before any border security measures.  Nobody is talking about just what "registered provisional immigrant" means, but it probably gives them the right to stay in the country and the right to hold a job.  And if you have that, who needs a green card?  Let alone US citizenship?
   Secondary issue, there will be a cut off date.  You have to be inside the US before the cutoff date to become a registered provisional immigrant.  Expect a huge rush into the country before the cutoff date.  Expect everyone who comes in after the cutoff date to claim that they got in before the cutoff date.

2.  Registered provisional immigrants can become real US citizens if they are willing pay serious money and put up with a lot of paperwork and mickey mouse over a lot of years.  This is the "path to citizenship".   It sounds sufficiently obnoxious as to discourage all but the most motivated.  Besides, being a plain registered provisional immigrant is probably good enough for a lot of them.

3.  We let in a lot more computer programmers and engineers on the "H1B"  visas.  High tech companies like this.  We let in a lot more temporary unskilled workers to pick crops.  Agri business likes this. 

4.  We hammer employers harder for hiring illegals.  Unions like this.  Unresolved issue, if every one inside the country is now a "registered provisional immigrant"  will not the E-verify system say they are OK to hire?

5.  We appropriate a wad of money for border fences, more border patrolmen, and some high tech welfare for surveillance camera's and drones.  Maybe Obama spends the money on security and maybe he doesn't.

6.  Maybe we revise the legal immigration system to favor the  well educated, the young, over aged grandparents.