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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Isolation, Texas Health Presbyterian style.

With a second nurse contracting Ebola at the Texas hospital, it has been announced that 70 odd hospital workers are still under observation due to contact with the index patient.  For a guy who was "in isolation" that's a lot of contact.  I'd think you could give first rate care, 24/7 with no more than 4 or 5 people coming in contact with the patient.  Seventy odd sounds like every curious person in the hospital visited the index patient, just to see how he was doing.
   As to how the poor nurses got infected, could be a lotta things.  Some fault in the protective gear, a bad or missing zipper, a loose elastic, a rip, a tear.  Getting out of the gear is tricky.  There are live infectious Ebola virii on the outside of the garment.  You gotta get out of it, without ever touching the outsides of the gear.  Easier said than done. Or Ebola may be much more infectious than is believed.  
   Either way, they both have my best wishes and full sympathy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Count your lucky stars

The Dallas Texas ebola case died this morning.  That's too bad, a tragedy to his family and friends, and  I offer my full sympathy.
So far, nobody else had been infected.  That is a blessing and we should be thankful.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Troop ships?

Meet the Press ran a video clip of Rand Paul worrying about Ebola contagion among our troops while they are packed onto troop ships.  Paul cited the cases of some cruise liners stricken with wierd virii that turned all the passenger's tummies.  As well as laying out a lot of the crew.
  The White House guy on camera, a white guy, didn't get his name, said "Oh we will screen them and everything will be OK."
   The White House guy should have said, and didn't,  "The US hasn't transported troops by ship since WWII."  Which is true.  They flew me out to Viet Nam in 1967, and they flew me back in 1968. 
    Anyhow, put one "idiot" chit against Rand Paul and a second one against the White House guy, who ever he was.  And by extemsion, one against who ever hired the White House guy.
   BTW.  Meet the Press and its competitors would make life easier for us poor viewers by placing name plaques on the table in front of all the players.  Even a news junkie like myself doesn't know everyone by sight.  Betcha plenty of viewers don't recognize anyone at all. 
   Then the discussion rambled on about Ebola, and the need to run in circles, scream and shout.  I give Gwen Ifil and David Axelrod one attaboy for not joining in the war dance, and saying we have just one case, where as West  Africa has more than a thousand deaths, and we can keep it that way. 
   There was a little talk about shutting down air travel out of Africa but it didn't really go anywhere.  There are few direct flights to that part of the world.  In fact the case in Texas had to fly to Brussels in Belgium to get a flight to the US.  Plus,  we have a lot of US citizens over there, and infected or not, they are Americans and America does not let its citizens die from a loathsome disease in African jungles.  We bring them home, we treat them, and so far we have had really good luck in curing them. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

The one that failed to diagnose Ebola and sent the infectious patient home with some antibiotics.  I wonder if they are on the narrow Obamacare network?   According to the TV news, a nurse actually asked the patient about travel, and the patient said he was from Liberia.  The nurse didn't tell the doctors, she just typed it into the electronic medical records system.  The doctors didn't read the electronic system.  The hospital is blaming the computer system.  I'm thinking that nurse should have known that Liberia was Ebola country and she should have brought it to everyone's attention.  As it is, the electronic medical records system recorded it for later embarrassment of the hospital.  Obamacare has been demanding everyone go over to insecure electronic systems, claiming they improve care.  Right.  In actual fact, they make everyone's medical records available to anyone who cares to snoop, such as potential employers. 
   Any how, I would avoid Texas Health Presbyterian.  The goofed, big time, allowing an infected Ebola patient to wander around infecting people.