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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Epipens are only $20 in Europe

And we could have them over here for that price if we passed a federal law allowing duty free import of medicines from any reasonable first world country.  Like Canada, the EU, Japan, a few other places.  First world countries all have regulations on the sale of medicine.  If they rule a medicine OK for sale to their citizens then it's OK for Americans too.  FDA doesn't get to block imports.  If it's legal in the country of origin, the law shall make it legal here. 
   The reason Epipens are selling for $600 here is that FDA shut down all the competitors.  Nothing fancy in Epipen, its just adrenalin in an easy to use hypodermic needle.  No patents, no nothing, but FDA kindly drove all the competitors off the market.  Nice work for Mylan.    

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Going after salt

The FDA is planning/talking about  issuing new regulations limiting the amount of salt in food.  You gotta wonder about this.  Making rules for salt, or any other rules on food seems to be a legislative job, not a bureaucrat job.  The Germans brag about a medieval law on the purity of beer, still in force in Germany, but a real law, they didn't have bureaucracies in the middle ages.  I think the FDA is stepping beyond it's legal authority.
   And then there are recent scientific studies claiming  that salt ain't all that bad for you.  These are disputed, but then True Believers won't accept any thing that cast doubt upon their beliefs.  Lotta bureaucrats are True Believers. 
   My chemistry is weak, but it is clear that all sorts of biochemistry in your body needs just the right amount of saltiness to work.  The body has mechanisms to maintain the right salt level, one mechanism is appetite, when your salt level is low,  salt tastes better, when your salt level is high, less salt tastes better.  In the service, they issued us salt tablets on hot days when we were sweating hard. 
   One effect of the drive for lower salt, is to sharpen my eye in the store.  Original Recipe Stoned Wheat Thins, taste a helova lot better than Low Sodium Stoned Wheat Thins.  Both come in nearly the same packaging, you gotta look sharp to buy the good tasting ones.  On the other hand, down the canned soup aisle, I find the traditional Campbell's is just too salty for my taste.  The new fangled Healthy Request soup tastes better with about half the salt of Campbell's. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Regulation of Diet Supplements

Must be a slow news Saturday.  Fox News ran a long piece on this.  Not a product that I ever buy. But the Fox news chick felt they were terribly important.  She dumped out two shopping bags of empty bottles, making a pile two feet high, and then said this was her monthly usage, and she paid $1400 a month for it.  Wow.  I don't spend that much on groceries. Must be powerful stuff.
   Anyhow the FDA wants to regulate them like prescription drugs, require doctor's prescriptions and all that.  The diet supplement people said regulation would skyrocket the cost and kill the industry.
   Since they have been selling this stuff for a long time, and it doesn't seem to hurt anyone, I don't see a need to give the FDA another field to grow fat bureaucrats in.