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Friday, May 15, 2015

Coming Home

So, after visiting daughter and son-in-law in DC for a couple a days, it came time to drive home to NH.  I took the standard route, right up I95, over the Delaware Memorial Bridge, up the Jersey Turnpike, over the Geo Washington bridge, CrossBronx expressway, I91 from New Haven CT to Wells River VT.  650 miles, 10 hours.  I didn't stop much.  Had a nice view of the new Freedom Tower on the way into New York.  That looked good.  Eastbound on the GW Bridge was moving right along, much better than some past years.  West bound was a mess, solid trailer trucks, bumper to bumper, not moving much, all the way back to the Whitestone bridge.  It was noon, I would have expected east and west traffic to be about the same.
   I toyed with the idea of breaking the trip, taking a motel and doing some sightseeing.  But as I got closer to home, pressing on, and getting home seemed more attractive. 
   I'm about to make a resolution to not answer the cell phone in flight.  Three times some robo caller hit me.  I cannot read the dinky little display in sunlight and with my driving glasses.  I ain't gonna switch to my reading glasses at 75 mph.  Clever human factors design located the on-off button right in the way, it's hard to fish the phone out of my shirt pocket without hitting  on-off, which confuses the easily confused phone software. 
   And the virus/flu/common cold is still alive and well.  I picked up a case somehow.  Resolution #2, don't leave the ceiling fan running when going to sleep.  A shot of Nyquil and nasal spray fixed things up well enough get  to sleep. 
  So that is May's adventure in traveling.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Geo Washington Bridge is an Interstate Bridge.

One end is in New Jersey, the other end is in New York.  The usual arrangement in such a case, is a bi state commission to run the bridge.  Equal numbers of commissioners from each state.  Equal numbers of patronage appointments to each state. Equal amounts of money spent in each state for supplies, maintenance, painting, etc. 
   In such a case, how does New Jersey, acting on its own, get to close down bridge lanes?  Does not New York have to go along?  And why would New York go along?  Cause massive inconvenience to New York commuters just to settle some political hash in New Jersey?
   There must be a way, but I have no idea what it was. 
   Inquiring minds want to know.