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Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Grunge Look rides again

Wall St Journal, Saturday's "Style and Fashion" page.  They are selling guys clothes this time.  Whole page of color photos of four to five guy groups of models, wearing the in things.  Despite the clothes being new and clean, the models manage to look scruffy.  The clothes are a jarring patchwork of colors that don't go together, and never were very good.  Gray, brown, lemon yellow, pink, black.  Real guy colors those. These guys never learned how to tie a tie, brush their hair or put on a happy face.  They all wear surly expressions. And a spread of man bags.    Call the whole page a no sale for me.
  Next page features blue jeans.  According to the Journal, lycra is out, the in jean is straight cotton denim.  They have a picture of a blonde model, standing in a parking lot, wearing denim jeans, a baggy white top, a silk scarf, and high black boots.  The show a spread of jean, all blue, all stone washed, starting at $850 from Dior, and working down to $80 from the Gap.  Last pair of jeans I bought was $35 from Sears.
  The Journal needs to work on their fashion writers.  Show me some stuff I might like to wear, rather than stuff that makes me laugh.