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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Where is George Orwell when we need him?

Actually Orwell has been dead since 1950, but we need him back.  In Orwell's time Communism was a virulent ideology spreading world wide and fast.  Communism was so compelling as to cause people to risk their lives spying for the Soviet Union.  The Rosenbergs were caught passing secrets of the Manhattan project to the Soviets and were executed for it. 
   Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984 did more to kill off Communism as any other event during the Cold War.  The two novels spelled out the evil at the heart of communism in simple terms clear to the average reader.  Anyone who read either book could never be a true believer in Communism ever again.
   Today we are afflicted with two dangerous ideologies.  Communism, which I had thought really dead since 1989, is making a come back in the US.  The Bern is preaching communism.  He calls it "democratic socialism" but it's Communism.  And ISIS and company is preaching a horrible fanaticism that leads people to massacre  innocent bystanders, Christians, Kurds, Yazidi's, anyone not a Shia Muslim.
  We need another Orwell to point out the evil at the heart of both these dangerous and horrible ideologies.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Troops in the streets

Won't keep us safe against Islamic terrorists.  You need informants who will finger the terrorists before they open fire.  Terrorists have to live somewhere, they have to eat somewhere, they have to travel, they have to communicate.  Someone sees this.  The landlady at the apartment, the counter person at the greasy spoon, the car rental clerk, the cell phone salesman.  If you could talk to that someone, you could arrest the terrorist before he strikes.  We need undercover cops to develop contacts inside the terrorist neighbor hoods, inside the mosques, anywhere we think terrorists might be. 
   We also need laws that allow us to imprison terrorists BEFORE they have done anything bad.  Right now the criminal justice troops only work on crimes that have been committed.  No commission, no action.  Innocent until proven guilty.