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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why do I still watch Meet the Press?

Can't be 'cause I want to find out what's going on.  This morning we had democrat Charles Van Hoolen claim that Obama had made $1.5 trillion in cuts.  In actual fact, Obama is going to spend more this year than he did last year, even after the "drastic" sequester.  You cannot claim a cut when spending goes up.  Chalk up Mr. Van Hoolen as another democrat who doesn't tell the truth.  Oh well, last week democrat Kasini Reed claimed $2.5 trillion in cuts.  So this week they cut their cuts by a cool $1 trillion.
   Then we had moderator David Gregory talk about an acceptable ratio of spending cuts to tax hikes.  Right now that ratio is $600 billion to zero.  And we all remember what divide by zero yields.
   Switch subjects to gay marriage (important topic) .  We find out that it's now called "marriage equality" 'cause that sounds better than "gay marriage".
   Chris Matthews goes off on a rant about the necessity to think of gay marriage as a right.  Chris omits mentioning the "right" of gay marriage ought to be decided the same way every thing else in a democracy is decided, by the ballot box.  Gay marriage becomes a right when there are enough votes to pass it into law.  If you don't have the votes, it ain't a right.