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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Will the courts save the Internet?

Three appointed democrats on the FCC decided to apply 323 pages of secret regulation to the Internet today.  They claim it's just "net neutrality"  which sounds benign even though nobody really knows what it is.  They are keeping the new regulations secret because they are so benign. But 323 pages of regulations have enough fine print to allow the FCC to do anything it wants.  Want to bet they define all conservative web sites as "hate speech" and close them? 
   The ISP's are planning to sue.  They won the last two times the FCC attempted this power grab.  If the courts have the stones, they ought to throw this one out too. 
   Too bad the Congress isn't doing squat.  Real democracy that is. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Internet is working fine

So why does Obama want to take it  over?  Lotta reasons come to mind, none of 'em good.  The can squeeze "campaign contributions/bribes" out of internet providers.  They can shut down talk that they don't like.  They can raise rates and reduce service.  They can reward their friends and punish their enemies. They can lay taxes on it.  Crony capitalists love it. 
  The "net neutrality" argument the Administration uses is a smoke screen.  Nobody knows what "net neutrality" actually means.  So they can take over the Internet and  do pretty much anything they like, and it's all for "net neutrality".
I'm positive that government takeover will raise my rates, degrade my service, and threaten me for stuff I post on my blog.