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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Don't get mad, Get Even.

Obama has spent his last 6 years trashing every one in Europe.  It started when he returned a bust of Winston Churchill, continued with tapping Angela Merkel's phone,  dropped plans for an American anti-missile system in Poland, sucked up to Vladimir Putin, and wimped out in Syria.  Nobody on europe owes him anything, and a lot of people in Europe would like to get even.
   So, when the Europeans set up a big solidarity parade in Paris, I'm thinking that nobody bothered to tell the Americans about it.  We have demos and parades all over the world, every day.  Somehow the news that the Paris one was bigger and more important than average, and that lack American representation would be noticed bigtime, never reached the White House, at least not in time.  That's what White House underlings are leaking to TV newsies today.
    Sounds plausible to me.  I didn't know the Paris demo was gonna be all that big until it was underway.  Unless someone told them, the White House wouldn't know much more than I did.