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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Things said and not said last night.

Hillary got going big on solar panels last night.  She claimed that solar panels were going to pull the country out of Great Depression 2.0 
   She is too stupid to understand that solar panels are a total waste of money.  They don't give juice after the sun goes down.  I need my juice to stay on all night.  Without juice my furnace won't run, and my pipes freeze in the winter.  Electric stove doesn't work, electric hot water goes away.   I can fake it for lights with kerosene lamps, but I gotta have the furnace in the winter.  Winter lasts a long time up here.  Without electricity the house becomes uninhabitable. 
   Which means no matter how many solar panels we put in, the good old electric company, PSNH or Eversource, has to build real power plants, enough of them to carry the entire load.  The bulk of my outrageous electric bill goes to pay the mortgages on the various power plants that keep my juice on all night.  And no amount of solar panels saves me a nickel on plant construction.  And, some of it goes to pay money to solar panel buyers, "net metering" they call it.  The cost of fuel, coal, natural gas, uranium is small compared to the cost of building the plant in the first place.  The solar panel juice supplied during the day just costs me money, it doesn't furnish dependable overnight electricity.
   Any how, a President Hillary who believes that solar panels are a worthwhile expense, is too ignorant of the real world to lead the country out of Great Depression 2.0.
   Both Hillary and The Donald came out in favor of more cyber security.  Neither of them mentioned the root of all cyber hacking, namely Windows.  Windows is as full of holes as Swiss cheese.  Middle school kids can hack Windows.