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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trump is still ahead, Cruz is not dead yet

According to  Trump now has 754 delegates, Cruz has 465.  Trump won Arizona, Cruz won Utah.  To clinch the nomination, you need 1237 delegates by convention time.  If no one has 1237 (a real possibility) then all kinds of wheeling and dealing take place at the convention to select a nominee.  We have a lot of heavy duty primaries still to go. 
   Cruz must be out talking to all the delegates won by candidates who dropped out, and Kasich who might drop out.  We can assume he is saying " Get behind me, we can beat Trump, and I'll reward you with cabinet jobs, the vice presidency, and some nice pork to take back to your  district."  Whether anyone is listening is unknown. 
   Whether Trump or even Cruz will collect the required 1237 delegates before the convention is too close to call.  Trump is really good on TV, and stands for taking names and kicking ass.  Lotta people like that.  He also has a lot of enemies, and the worst unfavorable rating of anyone in politics, worse even than Hilliary, who is pretty bad herself.  The anti Trump people, who include the party establishment have three more months for Trump bashing.  It might work, although it hasn't been very effective so far.