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Friday, September 9, 2016

Bring back paper ballots

They cannot be hacked by the Russians.  And they can be recounted should there be some irregularities, or challenges.  And they don't suffer from hanging chads.  We could do it.  There is plenty of time to print ballots for the entire country before the election.  Up here there is never a lack of public spirited citizens to count ballots on election night. 
   And the various ways of cheating on paper ballots have been around for centuries and are well known.  Precautions against ballot box stuffing and other chicanery can be taken. 
   Them voting machines, which are small computers run by software, and we all know how trustworthy software is, can be hacked to change the election result, and there is no way to tell.  No paper record, and nobody can decipher the software, so you can't prove a thing.   All it takes is one party fanatic with access to the machines, and he can do anything, and leave no traces.  And if the election committee is stupid enough to connect their election machines to the public internet, all bets are off. Anything can happen.