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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Marketing 102.

Manufacturer's with sense label their product with their name, "Made in USA", and the model number.  This way the product itself serves as company advertising for the life of the product.  Just came away from an estate auction, loads of cool stuff, very little of it marked with the maker's name. 
   And, don't change the model number until you redesign the product in a serious way.  Model numbers like 747 and XP and GTO have staying power.  Your model number might grow in name recognition if you didn't change it every season like Sears Roebuck used to do. 
   When doing TV ads, understand that we all have color TV now.  Don't do your ads in black and white just cause someone at the ad agency thinks black and white looks cool.  Color makes your product look better and more desirable than black and white.  And you don't have to pay extra to do a TV ad in color, unlike in the old days when a color newspaper ad cost extra.
   Your ad will be more effective if  the product name is shown on screen and spoken by the announcer.  Do this at the beginning of the ad.  A huge number of loser ads fail to make it clear what they are peddling.  You cannot tell if the ad is selling cars, or pretty girls, or Caribbean vacations or open road, or  what.
   The most important specification of anything is the price.  Don't skip showing the price in ads.  Some marketeers say that customers will be scared off when they see how much it will cost them.  If this is the case, you need to do some cost reduction and get the price down to make the product look like a bargain.  When an ad omits the price, I always figure the product will be too expensive for me, and I  lose interest. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


That's what they are doing on TV this election.  Countless smear ads, accusing candidates of doing unlikely things, voting for awful things, voting against good things.  Mostly Democratic, although not all. 
   Strangely enough, the smears are kinda wishy washy.  Never a specific, never a real name or date, not even a bill number that one could look up.  I can see how they might speak to true believers, but anyone of ordinary sense will be suspicious of such vague and outrageous accusations. 
   Not sure if I understand the strategy behind such ads.  It is a truism that 40% of the voters are yellow dog Democrats, and 40% are rock ribbed Republicans.  These voters will vote their party, no matter what.  The 20% independents control the election and they are the voters your advertising needs to reach.   These smear ads may delight the yellow dog Democrats, but I don't think they will speak to independents. 
   And, there is a heluva lot of money flowing into this here mid term election.  Yesterday the mail brought me 5 by 7 four color postcard for Rebecca Brown (Democrat running for NH state rep from my district).  That kind of mailing is pricey, few rep candidates have the money.  She didn't have that kinda money two years ago.  Wonder where the cash came from.