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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Somewhere a village is missing its idiot

Jack Lew, Obama's new Treasury Secretary was on Meet the Press this morning.  Oh boy, are we in trouble now with this guy running Treasury.  He starts off by saying that Congress needs to fund things the Middle Class needs.  Right.  The middle class doesn't need "programs", doesn't use "programs" .  The middle class needs jobs, not programs. 
  Then Jack talked about all the good work Obama has done reducing the deficit.  Right.  Deficit is still $1 trillion dollars, which is too damn high by a factor of 10. 
  Than Jack talked about economic growth, and how good it is.  Right.  The economy hit bottom back in 2008 and is still there on the bottom.  Obama declared that recovery had begun when things stopped falling, but things are still on the bottom it hit back in 2008.  Can you say dead cat bounce?  Growth this year is in the 1 percent range, which translates out as invisible.
  Finally Jack urged that we "stay on the path to growth." Right.  Since 2008 the path has not led to growth.  But Obama is bound and determined to keep the country on it.
   Either Jack believes this stuff, which makes him a total idiot, or he has no qualms about peddling snake oil on national TV.  Which isn't a good thing either.   So glad Obama appointed this loser.