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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Intent and the right to vote.

A bunch of NH political types were discussing Voter ID on WMUR this morning.  Much of the discussion revolved around the"intent" of voters, namely do they "intend" to live in NH.  That's what you get when you get a bunch of lawyers together.  All talk, no sense.
   Intent is what a person thinks, and we don't have telepathy, so no one knows what another person thinks.  Law that takes thought into account creates thought crimes, where merely thinking the wrong thoughts is a violation of the law.   We should not have thought crime laws.
  In regard to the matter of who is entitled to vote in New Hampshire, we need to speak of objective, real things, things that can be seen and touched and photographed.  As a general rule, a New Hampshire voter needs New Hampshire plates on the car and a New Hampshire drivers license.  In fact, those two items are enough in my book.   Voters lacking a car upon which to have NH plates, need to explain how they got to the town offices, since most NH town offices can only be reached by car.  If a friend drove them to the office, the friend's car needs NH plates. 
   Voters lacking a car and a drivers license (very suspicious, everyone has a drivers license) must show evidence (lease, utility bill, mortgage stub) of a home in NH, something a little more permanent than a motel room, and a year round residence, not just a ski chalet. And they need to show a decent photo ID.  NH drivers license, passport, Armed Forces ID card, birth certificate, something solid.  College ID's don't count. 
   But what ever we do, let's do something real.  Let's not create thought crimes.