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Friday, December 18, 2015

Feeling the Bern. DNC cuts Sanders campaign off from "data base"

The present kefuffle over the Sanders campaign is obscure.  WashPost claims that a single software vendor selected by the DNC, maintains a data base for the party AND all the candidates.  Sander's campaign is accused of accessing thru the database, information (type unspecified) that belonged to Hillary's campaign, not the Sanders campaign.
  Weird.  On our side, the RNC maintains "Voter Vault" a list of registered republican voters and makes it available to any Republican candidate or committee.  Voter Vault is built up from town voter registration lists, which are public records available to all.  When phone banking, a good phone list, where the phone numbers actually answer, and are answered by Republicans, as opposed to by Democrats, is the breath of life.  Over the years, the Republican Voter Vault has been pretty good in that respect.  When I am phone banking, the Voter Vault phone numbers have been good. 
   But Voter Vault is available to all Republicans.  It just has names phone numbers, and how many years each name has registered Republican.  Which is all you need or want for phone banking.  Nothing that belongs to a candidate.  The names come from town voter registration lists.  I don't know where the phone numbers come from.  I don't remember giving my phone number in order to register to vote.  But nothing in Voter Vault would kick off the current rumble in the democratic jungle. 
   Unless of course, it is a straight forward "Dump Bernie" maneuver by the DNC.