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Friday, March 18, 2016

Captain Obvious does a "research" project

Heard this one on NHPR this morning.  Recent research shows that well dressed men do better in business deals than slobs.  The research had some "test" candidates, one dressed in a business suit and the dressed in a sweatsuit, negotiate a real estate deal.  The guys in business suits got the better deal every time.   They interviewed a software guy who said he felt better and wrote better code wearing a good shirt with a collar, rather than a grubby T-shirt.  Highly objective a repeatable evidence that is. 
   They need to do research on this?
   Fifty years ago, Air Force ROTC trained us officer cadets to look sharp, always wear a clean pressed uniform, keep our hair cut, and keep our shoes shined.  The troops are more likely to listen to a sharply uniformed officer than to a slob. A principle of leadership it was called.  For that matter, everybody knows that you always wear coat and tie on a job interview. 
   Sounds like those "researchers" were looking for something to blow their grant money on.