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Monday, February 25, 2013

Pediatrics scores again

This in from NPR.  The pediatrics association is now advising doctors to lay off the antibiotics for childhood ear infections.   They claim the ear infection often clears up by it self, the antibiotics can lead to upset stomaches, and overuse of antibiotics is breeding up generations of drug resistant super bugs.
  Right.  So kiss goodbye to that pink bottle of amoxcylin in the fridge. 
  And, speaking from personal experience, those ear infections REALLY hurt bad.  And kids get a LOT of them.  Like at least once a winter until they grow out of them.  And the antibiotics make the hurt go away within hours, not days.  And compared to the pain of an ear infection, upset stomach is a none starter.  And in a country that routine feeds antibiotics to farm animals to make them gain weight faster, don't worry about the small amount of antibiotics given to small children.