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Monday, February 23, 2015

It's easier for the guys, Follow on

They did a roundup of democratic party presidential possibles.   One of those "whose on first" stories. For Hillary, they had some lady guru discuss her hair style.  They showed every do Hillary has ever worn, going back to when she was working on Watergate in the '70s.  She critized  Hillary's color choices, her pants suits, and I forget what else. 
   None of the guy candidates had their wardrobe and hair styles trashed.  It's easier for guys, we have a uniform we are expected to wear, and it takes no fashion sense to figure that out. 

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dress for success, woman's version

We have a cute blond news anchor interviewing the brand new just as cute and just as blond Miss America on Fox&Friends. News anchor is wearing a pink suit with an above-the-knees miniskirt and cleavage that goes way , way down. She is well over to the sexy side of attractive. Miss America on the other hand, is wearing a dark blouse buttoned up to her throat and a pair of khaki slacks, probably Dockers. She looks pretty but she shows a lot less skin than the anchorwoman.
Assume anchorwoman dress as they do 'cause it's a job requirement in the news business. Miss America, crown now firmly bobbie pinned in place, can wear something a bit more conservative that makes her feel comfortable on national TV. She's paid her dues and no longer has to make the guys tongues hang out to keep her job.
The guys on the show wear suits, white shirts and ties, and look just fine. One of the benefits of being a guy, is your wardrobe choices are straight forward and well understood. We have it better than the girls in this respect. We even get pockets.