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Monday, February 15, 2016

Stuart Weitzman: Wonder what he is selling?

Saturday was heavy WSJ day.  They pack a 184 page 10 by 12 inch slick paper fashion magazine inside the paper.  Makes for very solid feeling newspaper.
   Not that I am deeply into woman's fashions, but I like to look a pictures of pretty girls as much as anyone.  So I'm thumbing thru it and come to an arresting full page ad by Stuart Weitzman.  Three very slender, pretty models standing in front of the camera, completely naked except for high heeled shoes, the kind with big clunky heels, hugging each other.  If it had been in color it would have been porn, but a nicely lit black and white is arty.
   It did get my attention.  On the other hand, I am still wondering what Stuart Weitzman is selling.  Normal fashion ads have the models  wearing the product they are selling.  These models weren't wearing anything except clunky shoes, and somehow I didn't think that was the product.  Two following full page spreads with the same models only one of which was wearing an outfit that a girl might appear in public wearing.  The rest of them were in underwear.   Perhaps Stuart Weitzman is a modeling agency?