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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How dumb are American voters?

Listen to the pundits prognosticating the next election.  They all think, the Republicans ought to win fairly big, win the Senate, increase their house majority, but they all are hedging on the the air.  None of 'em are really sure what will happen, at least not sure enough to risk their reputation on a prediction.
   So here we have a dreadful economy, going back five years.  A $900 billion porkulus bill that didn't get the economy going again.  The voters are out of work, or worried about losing their jobs.  Obamacare is cancelling everyone's health insurance, and threatening to get even worse.  The Obamacare policies cost more and cover less.  People can no longer see their regular doctors.  We have let the Taliban take over Iraq, and looks like we give them Afghanistan next year.  The Iranians are building nukes.  Obama has squandered taxpayer money on crony green schemes like Solyndra.  He is closing down coal power plants to hike electric rates.  He is stalling the Keystone XL pipeline project.  He has turned the IRS into a political secret police.  He is covering up the Benghasi scandal.  He was passing out guns to Mexican drug runners.  He has hiked everyone's taxes.  He has run up the national debt to $17 trillion. He and his wife take expensive and frequent vacations on the taxpayer's dime.
   With a record like that, even the dumbest voter ought to vote a straight Republican ticket.  But will they?  These are the same voters who re elected this turkey just a year ago, when his record was just as bad.