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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Majoring in those other things

Colleges offer a lot of stuff that is neither liberal arts, nor STEM. 
First there is sociology, which wants to be considered a science, but you cannot do experiments, and the observations are all debatable as to what they mean.  Then we have political science, another wannabe science with no experimental basis and debatable observations.  Neither subject is much use in the job market.  You have to question the value of going into debt for either of them. 
  The gender studies, black studies, in fact anything with "studies" in its name, are of little to no use in the real world. 
   Economics is another  wannabe science with at least a little use in finance.  It's a better deal than sociology or poly sci when you go job hunting.
   And the education major.  This at least is a real job course, with an ed major degree you can teach in the public schools.  Too bad the course material is utterly boring and useless.  The teacher's unions have made an ed degree mandatory as a way of limiting entrance to the teaching field.  You gotta truly want to teach to suffer thru the ed major.