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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Campbell's Soup

Long time favorite.  Good for cooking with, good for something warm on a cold winter day.  Loosing market share, or at least shelf space in markets up here.  Campbell's is loosing on the low end to house brands and on the high end to groovier competitors.
   And on the taste front, Campbell's puts too much salt in their soups.  They taste too salty.  I'm looking at two cans of vegetable beef.  Campbells, which really tastes too salty, and Healthy Choice which tastes better to me.  Read the labels on the back of the can.  Sodium  (dietician speak for salt) 890 milligrams Campbells, 420 milligrams for Healthy Choice.  And Healthy Choice tastes better.
   I'm thinking an old American brand is hurting. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Salt may be innocent

Right now conventional wisdom says that salt is bad for you, and contributes to high blood pressure.  This has resulted in an avalanche of "low sodium" (aka unsalted) products to clutter grocery shelves.  I always wondered about the evils of salt.  The saltiness of your blood (which is also the saltiness of all your body) is controlled by your kidneys.  There are a lot of chemical reasons for the body to maintain a constant saltiness. When the kdneys sense to low a salt level, they retain some salt to keep the saltiness of blood up.  Contrary wise, when the kidneys sense excessive blood salt, they filter it out and you excrete it in the urine.  If things work this way, then the amount of salt you eat doesn't matter much.  Within limits that is.
  Now comes an article in Scientific American supporting the "salt doesn't matter" view.  It makes sense to me.
   Of course the medical community probably isn't on board with this.  And may never be.  And, Scientific American is no longer the gold standard it once was.  Twenty years ago Scientific American had real science articles written by real scientists, and was authoritative.  No longer.  Journalists  began to rewrite the articles and they got so bad I dropped my subscription many years ago.  The article linked to is short, written by a non scientific type, and merely quotes half a dozen studies performed by others.
  But it's worth watching, especially if you find the "low sodium" products tasteless.