Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Conoco Refinery Expansion is set back

The EPA appeals board in Washington DC revoked air permits granted by the Illinois EPA. Conoco wanted to enlarge their Roxana Illinois refinery to handle 500,000 barrels a day of heavy Canadian crude. Half a million barrels a day is 2.5% of national consumption. A 2.5% increase in supply is significant and might well reduce the price of gasoline and home heating oil. The state EPA approved the project. The refinery expansion was going to spend $4 billion dollars for construction in the state of Illinois.
However environmental "groups" (American Bottom Conservancy, National Resource Defense Council) went to the EPA appeals board in DC to stop the project. The inside the Beltway EPA bureaucrats are a softer touch than the regional people out in the mid west. The beltway folk put project on hold pending more EPA paperwork.
Our tax dollars at work, defending the price of fuel.

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