Monday, April 26, 2010

Republicans oppose $50 billion bailout fund

The financial reform bill has a provision for a $50 billion fund to "clean up" failed banks. Republicans are opposing this and the democrats are in favor? Far as I am concerned, it's a $50 billion bailout fund. It means that deals with failed banks are covered, at least the first $50 billion. That's bad. Wheelers and dealers should have to worry that they won't get paid if they deal with banks that go bankrupt. They might not do quite so many risky deals if the risks were higher.
This bill also might limit credit default swaps and require banks to "spin off" their credit default swap units. That's a good idea. Credit default swaps are high stakes gambling that put Lehman, AIG, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and some other fools out of business in 2008. FDIC insured banks shouldn't be gambling in this casino with taxpayer insured money.
If the democrats could give up their bailout fund, Republicans might vote for the bill. Why do the democrats want to bail out Wall St again?

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