Sunday, April 29, 2012

If Obama had balls, he woulda taken Bin Ladin alive

They could have done it.  Jumped Bin Ladin and loaded him into a chopper.  Alive, he surely had intelligence that we needed. Nobody would whine about waterboarding Bin Ladin.   A patriotic judiciary (any of those left around?) would have put Bin Ladin on trial, on TV, in an orange jumpsuit and shiny handcuffs.  We could have done some good work convincing the rest of the world that Bin Ladin is a no-good-nick who deserved what we were gonna give him. 
  But Obama didn't want to take a chance on bat brained US judges turning Bin Ladin loose on a technicality, so he told the SEALS to whack him.  Courageous that is.

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