Thursday, October 25, 2012

My color is Mud

Finished another round of car shopping.  Stopped at a dozen dealers over in St Johnsbury.  Each lot filled with very average looking cars, mostly painted mud color.  Mud has taken over from gray as the most popular car color.  Each one of these cars was new once, and each new car buyer opted for a mud paint job.  Taste they had, lots of taste. 
   Why is it that I see multiple stories about the end of stainless steel as America's favorite kitchen appliance finish, but I don't remember a single one on the rise of mud as America's favorite car color?


Evan said...

I don't get it either. Black, grey, or brown.

I think it boils down to the myth that if you drive a boring colored car you get less tickets and pay less in insurance.

Dstarr said...

Black. Don't knock the only proper color for a Cadillac. When clean, black looks fairly sharp. Unfortunately it doesn't take much road dust to make it look boring.
Gray got started as "Metallic Silver" which sounded classy even if it looked like what the Navy paints on ships.
Brown is harder to relate to. Mostly it looks like what the pet barfed on the rug.
Mud (mud = gray plus brown) looks dreadful even clean and new. Old and dirty, they look worse. I got stuck with Mud when I bought the Mercury. As a used car buyer, you don't get to pick the color.