Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let's call 'em scumbagi's

Obama has gone to great lengths to avoid tagging the enemy as "Islamic".  He gave two wordy speeches on the subject, today and yesterday, stressing the notion that we don't want to offend the one billion Islamics in the world.
   OK, Obama, but we gotta call 'em something.  You cannot run a war against nothing, you have to give it a name.  This thing that needs a name, is the ideology of terrorists who burn captives alive and behead Christians.  We might call it Wahabism, although that would frighten the bejesus out of the Saudis.  We might call it Jehadism although that doesn't sound bad enough.  Calling them ISIS/ISIL/IS is naming the political organization that gives the greatest offensive today.  It isn't their ideology.  Tomorrow these same religious crazies will form another organization with another name.  We need to focus on the thing that makes the crazies crazy, their beliefs and ideology.  We could call them scumbagi's but it's a new word that needs to be given some meaning.
    We are at war with the scumbagis because they kill people, burn people alive, kidnap school girls, blow up our skyscrapers, shoot newsmen, kill aid workers, bomb trains and subways, enslave women, and they think all these atrocities perfectly are all right to do.   Well we don't think this violence is all right to do. 

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