Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obama on terrorism, 45 MInutes of airtime

Obama is having a conference on terrorism.  The TV gave him 45 minutes of airtime to pontificate.  He managed to avoid all the real issues.  Like who is the enemy, what is it's name?  Like what to do about Islamist terrorists in the Middle East.  He talked a lot about reaching out to Muslim communities in the US, but the real problem is in Iraq and Syria.  Like what do we wish to achieve?  What is victory?  How do we discredit the ISIS/ISIL/AlQuada ideology?  He talked about creating jobs and economic opportunity in the Middle East to give young men over there something to do besides join  ISIS.  Which doesn't work, because you have to establish civil order before you can do economic development.  When ISIS thugs can walk into any business establishment, steal all the stock, conscript all the men into the militia, enslave all the women, and wreck the place just for grins, you ain't gonna get any job growth. 

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