Thursday, June 23, 2016

Words of the Weasel Part 31

"Sexual Assault".  The proper, long established word is rape.  That's a felony in every state that I am aware of.  Rape is forced sexual intercourse.  And, it has been a felony for a couple of thousand years.  Law enforcement should be called in the event of rape.  There are standards of evidence that must be met to secure a rape conviction.
"Sexual Assault" is a new phrase which can mean anything from unwanted touching, to stealing a kiss, up thru rape.  College administrators are judging cases of "sexual assault" and universally finding the man guilty, and expelling him from the college, in kangaroo courts, where the accuser is not required to be present, and where the accused is denied a lawyer,  and denied a chance to confront his accuser.
   By my lights, the entire concept of "sexual assault" should be discarded.  In cases of rape, the accuser should go to law enforcement.  The college should offer transportation to and from the police station. College administrators are incompetent to deal with rape, and mostly too biased to give a fair hearing, even if they were competent.  Rape should always be handled by law enforcement. 

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