Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer home shop project

As always, you need more storage space in a shop.  So last month's project was a combined wall shelving and plane till project.  I5t's made from ordinary lumberyard white pine.  The finish is one coat of Minwax "puritan pine" to give it the light tan color, the natural pine is bright white which seems a little much for a shop.  Plus one coat of poly urethane varnish over the Minwax.  Hanging it on the wall was tricky.  This bit of wall has NO studs in it.  I know, I put the wall board up myself some years ago.  So it is now bolted and lag screwed to the joists.  I started out with three lag screws going straight up, but the last one broke off deep in the hole, so two lag screws will have to do.  Part of the project was to have a place to put my handplanes where they would be handy, and where they could show themselves off.  The shelves are still fairly empty but I don't expect that to last long.  The dadoes in the side are to accept a pair of chisel holders, which I haven't made yet. 

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