Friday, December 23, 2016

Rehashing Ancient History on NHPR

Way back in 1953, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were tried, convicted and executed for passing the secret of the atomic bomb to the Russians.  As far as the judge and the jury were concerned, the Rosenbergs had given the secret of the ultimate weapon to our mortal enemies.  The Left (we called them communists back then) in those days called the Rosenbergs innocent victims of a judicial murder.   In later years declassification of the "Venoma Papers", intercepted communications between the Soviet embassy and Moscow, showed the Rosenbergs guilt.
   And so, better than 60 years later, NHPR ran a lengthy piece, rehashing the whole affair.  Apparently there are two Rosenburg children, still alive, who are petitioning Obama to posthumously  pardon Ethel Rosenberg, their mother.  They feel she is innocent, and apparently, since they are only asking in her name, they finally think Julius, their father, was guilty as charged.
   I'm so glad NHPR brought this bit of ancient history back to life, and as befits NHPR's rather lefty stance, they give the Rosenbergs a very sympathetic treatment. 

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