Monday, December 26, 2016

Rogue One, The New Star Wars movie

Saw it today in the Smithsonian Air & Space museum Imax theater.  Nice big screen , good sound system, good seats.  It was in an  annoying three D, glasses required.  This three D system had a terrible depth of field problem.  Everything in the foreground or background was really blurry, only the middle ground was sharp.  PITA.  Camera work was only fair, too many superquick shots, cut too fast.  Too many scenes poorly lit.
   Other than that, it was a decent flick,  Better than the last one, far better than the three followon movies.  The story is set before the time of the first Star Wars (A New Hope) and has a whole new set of characters, no reviving of the old traditional cast,except Darth Vader.  The story line is the Rebel Alliance obtaining the Death Star plans that Luke and Leia will deliver in A New Hope.  We have a dynamic and pretty heroine, Jinn sonething-or-other  who has a good role and plays it well.  We have a handsome hero, whose name escapes me, (whole flick was weak on names) who has a good role but Jinn has a better one.  We have a blind and somewhat crazy Jedi master who is into whacking down Storm Troopers with a staff. We have a big ugly mercenary, with a heart of gold and a taste for heavy weapons.  And a big long armed long legged Droid with a sense of humor.   Lots of  booms amd blasts and space combat and special effects, all nicely done.  The flick keeps things moving and isn't too long. 
   A good Christmas flick. 

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