Friday, April 28, 2017

Politics and Prose, Washington DC bookstore

I  love to read, and the thought of visiting a bookstore bigger than the Village Bookstore in Littleton is always cool with me.  So we loaded Wyatt into a carseat into the back of my Buick, and set off.  It's a fair piece over there.  Wyatt is OK with car trips, he slept all the way, and was perfectly happy in his baby pack walking around the bookstore. 
   It's big, and has an enormous stock.  Their shelving policy can slow you down.  Usually you shelve history books by date (of subject) so that revolutionary war books get shelved next to each other, likewise civil war books and so on.  Not at Politics and Prose.  It's all mixed together and you have tribute works to Obama shelved next to books on Plymouth and Jamestown.  I splurged on "The Anglo Saxon World", soft cover, slick paper, lots of illustrations. 
   Their science fiction shelf was weak,  many really OLD authors, books I either have, or have no desire to read.  The "graphics novel" shelf was no better.  The science shelf was mostly biology and arguments for and against Darwin. 

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